I want

I want
that you know how important you are
and how much it represents for me in this virtual space.
We share our thoughts,
our dreams, our plans for the future …
How else would we do it so well?!?
They do not know that we
we do not judge or condemn ourselves:
we just search and offer hands to help.
They do not know that we exchanged hugs (and even kisses!)
They do not know that we,
virtual friends, we care about each other,
we ponder situations
and we exchanged so many things we learned here.
They do not know how much we can and we still have to learn!
Come among us and let no one hear us:
I want you to know
that my days are brighter
and that my thoughts are much happier
just because of you.
This is why I now send you this “stealthy” message:
I want you to feel
that there is someone here who cares about you,
who wants to brighten your day,
who wishes you all the happiness
in all the days of your life!
Come among us and let no one hear us:
I thank the heavens for this virtual world
because without him I could never
to get so close to you!